• Advice on teeth straightening options

    Nowadays there is a myriad of brace choices available to patients and so knowing what treatment to have to straighten teeth can be a real problem – especially if you rely on resources such as the internet as your major source of information. No matter what brace you think you’d like, there will be someone, somewhere, blogging about it, and not always in a positive light. The most important thing is to work out what result you want. If you want a mild improvement of the front teeth only a sectional brace (one fitted to the front teeth), or an aligner may be your best option. However, if you want radical improvements in the least amount of time you are far better having fixed “train-track style” braces.

    Many patients like the idea of aligner treatment…according to the hype they do the same job as conventional braces, and you can take them out when you’ve got an important event happening. Sound ideal don’t they!? However, the treatment of more complex cases will take much longer with this method than a fixed brace, and the results, although good, will not always be the best they can be. Like all things though, the result you get will be governed by the skill of the person treating you. Always ask to see evidence of their results and enquire about their experience – don’t just rely on the bumpf that comes from the company that sells the treatment. The most important thing is never to price compare – you are not buying a TV, you are investing in yourself and the long term benefits of your treatment. You ALWAYS get what you pay for.